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It is now well known that irradiation is one of the most effective and safe methods for the elimination of pathogens and insects in food. That technology, however, has been somewhat inaccessible to the food-processing industry - the cost of the process, as currently practiced, makes irradiation too impractical to warrant widespread routine use. Until Now...

The Genesis Irradiator™ is the first practical, self-contained, gamma irradiator specifically designed to process food. Foremost, the Genesis is a piece of food-processing equipment, which can be installed with minimal preparation into your existing processing or packaging plant. Its size, simplicity and ease of operation make the irradiation of your products not only possible, but convenient and cost effective as well.

Unlike E-Beam, X-Ray or conventional Cobalt-60 irradiators, the Genesis does not require massive above-ground shielding, along with complex electrical interlock systems. The cobalt-60 radiation source never leaves the shielded pool. Consequently, the irradiator is inherently safe. Instead of lifting the source out of the pool into a shielded chamber, the product is lowered into the pool adjacent to the source. To accomplish this the product must obviously be kept dry, and a solution to the problem of lost efficiency that is normally associated with underwater irradiation, had to be found. GRAY*STAR scientists and engineers solved both of these problems. This engineering breakthrough created the Genesis. Because heavy above-ground shielding is not required, the Genesis is far less expensive than competitive irradiators, and takes up far less space.

The approach to food irradiation has been changed forever; it has been reshaped to suit the requirements of the food-processing industry and redesigned to fit your company's individual needs.

  • Inherently Safe (Radiation source never leaves underwater shielded position)
  • No Above-Ground Concrete Shielding, Interlock or Fire Suppression Systems Required
  • Rapid and Inexpensive On-Site Installation (Full operation in as little as six months from purchase)
  • Small Footprint (1,600 sq. ft., including dosimetry lab and administrative office)
  • Mechanically Simple and Robust (Prefabricated, triple walled, concrete & steel tank)
  • Product Temperature Maintenance (Insulated product carriers & short processing cycles)
  • Realistic Processing Capacities (Typically, 200,000 pounds of product per day)
  • Great Flexibility (capable of switching from one product to another with ease)
  • Gamma Radiation Penetration (Up to 24 inches of package thickness)
  • Easy and inexpensive to License, Maintain and Operate
Made in the USA

The Genesis is ideally suited for all food irradiation applications, with practical dose ranges from 20 gray to 50 kilogray.

Irradiator Description and Specifications

The GENESIS Irradiator™ is a continuous-batch unit that irradiates the product at the bottom of a pool of water. Product is moved into the pool by special product containers (bells) via an overhead hoist and trolley system. At the bottom of the pool, the product is irradiated in a stationary position on two sides of a fixed dry plenum filled with inert helium that contains the source of radiation. The unit has a low startup cost for an on-site irradiator and can be installed in a very short period of time. Most of the components of the irradiator can be removed or relocated. The units are "modular" and several units can be employed to meet any production requirements. The Genesis is classified as Category III, Self-Contained Gamma Irradiator and defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency as "Inherently Safe by Design"

Cobalt-60; 1,000,000 curies per unit (Maximum); half-life - 5.3 years; designed for standard commercially available source encapsulations; 705 source positions available; dry helium storage of sources shielded by water.

Constant Volume Variable Pressure (CVVP) underwater bells with no seals or gaskets. Maximum Product Size: 48" wide x 24" thick x 48" high (32 cubic feet). The product is kept dry. The untreated product is positioned on a cart. A bell is lowered from above, enveloping the product and locking onto the cart. The bell/cart assembly is moved by an overhead computer controlled hoist and trolley that transfers the product from the loading position, through the irradiator pool (automatic), to an unloading position. Two bells are irradiated simultaneously. At the unloading position, the cart is detached from the bell and may be palletized. Maintenance is conventional and is performed outside of the pool.

Entire pre-fabricated irradiator will fit on standard tractor trailers or two sea containers.

Will accommodate standard commercial cask provided by cobalt-60 suppliers.

7' x 8' x 22' (3.5' above ground; 18.5' below).

De-ionized water. Minimum depth above source is 12.5 feet.

The pool's construction consists of two prefabricated rectangular steel tanks. The inner stainless steel tank is positioned within a larger outer steel tank. Once in place the six inch space between the tanks is filled with concrete. This method eliminates the need for on-site forming of a pool and assures that the pool is leak free prior to shipment to the site. Triple containment, and very simple to install.

It is recommended that a simple enclosure of 1,600 square feet be erected within or next to an existing structure. In some cases it may be advantageous to erect a stand alone building to house the irradiator(s). Electrical and water requirements are nominal. Standard industrial service will suffice.

Gensis Irradiator

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